To discuss anything which relates to the FLYER Airportal or the magazine
By Lefty
I've noticed that the ratio of logged in members to Guests is rather low. Tonight there are only 8 members Vs 27 guests. On recent evenings the ratio has been even worse. Doe this tell us anything?
By Bob Upanddown
Perhaps due to problems logging in so regulars don't log in but appear as guests.

I have had some problems logging in. I have noticed on trips that I can't log on from some European countries or maybe it is down to the browser I am using on some PCs or maybe the fact that some browsers have built in ad-blockers?
By Bob Upanddown
Deffo ad-blockers cause log-in problems.
So obviously they don't want you if they can't track you and can't show you adverts.
Kinda makes you wish that someone would set up a forum without adverts. Oh, someone did, it's called
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By Grelly
The only advantages I have found to being logged in are:
a) You can post something
b) You can press the handy "take me to the next unread comment on the thread" button (there's probably a better name for that).

I can go weeks before wanting to do either.