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By joe-fbs
Stopped here twice recently. Functional local airfield with no catering. Fuel Eu 2.26 a litre. Landing Eu 9. Parking Eu 6 a day.

It’s a pleasant friendly place but there’s nothing there and it’s in the middle of an industrial estate. The flugleiter will sell you bottle of water or sugary pop but that’s it. There is a pleasant pilots’ room with a PC but its browser is hopelessly out of date so it’s of little use. I have since emailed them suggesting they replace it with Wi-Fi. We went for a short wander in the industrial estate where we saw some tiny concrete bungalows, still inhabited relics of the GDR we guessed. Modest we thought but as Lynda said, a better solution to homelessness than the current one in Milton Keynes which is to leave dozens of people on the streets. We night-stopped at EDCJ once with the ever-helpful flugleiter finding for us what proved to be a very nice and well-priced pub B&B type place, Zur Guten Quelle, in the nearby town of Stollberg.

The town was small and quiet. We think we had arrived in the middle of town holiday week as nearly every shop, place to stay and place to eat was closed for the week. The B&B appeared to be only partially open, I found the Wi-Fi code by wandering around the bar area (closed) until I found a likely looking code stuck behind the bar. That said I did manage to get a hair-cut and buy socks during our very relaxing afternoon in Stollberg. The only place open for us to get a very late lunch was a family owned café / ice cream parlour, Café Eisbeere, which was excellent and cheap plus had Wi-Fi. Dinner proved to be trickier but we did eventually find one eatery open which was once again excellent and cheap. Stollberg felt like being in rural Scotland or Ireland.