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By akg1486
Strasbourg is a major French town, and reportedly only Paris and Mont StMichel get more visitors each year. The fact that a large part of the EU spends a sizeable amount of time here adds to that. There's an airport, of course, but for GA one should choose Aerodrome du Polygone. Or Strasbourg Neuhof, which is the name you see in the charts.

Arriving from the north, we were in contact with Strasbourg Approach. One enters the Strasbourg control zone at a specific point (November Echo) and then simply flies south over the Rhine river until reaching left base 18 or right base 36. Runway 18 is in use if the wind is less than four knots, regardless of direction. 18L/36R is 820 meters hard grass and used by motorized aircraft. 18R/36L is for gliders.

The instructions say that one shall talk to the Strasbourg tower, but in our case we kept contact with the Approach until flying along the Rhine when we could switch to Strasbourg Neuhof. English was not a problem.

Landing is free, and we paid 1.79 EUR for 100LL in late July 2016. There's no card reader at the pump, but the club helps you out.

Taxi to the old town is around 15 EUR. There's reportedly a tram stop within walking distance, but with a temperature of 35 degrees C that didn't seem like a good option.

When we left, we were going to Germany. The border is less than a minute to the east, so we figured we should switch to Langen Information (Germany) directly to open the flight plan. The lesson we learned was that they didn't have the flight plan. We should have talked to Strasbourg instead, even if flying into Germany (G airspace). Due to a mountain range, we couldn't even reach Langen Information until after climbing some 3,000 feet.