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By Dave W
We used Nancy-Essey as a relief stop, and to file a flightplan before entering Germany. A quiet regional airfield (at least at 1800 on a Friday evening) typical of France with 1400m of hard runway aligned 03/21 with a 550m grass runway alongside.

Les pompiers directed us to a tiny office where a delightful and efficient Mlle faxed the FPL for us, and we were all set to go after a few minutes for it to get into the system. Quick and easy.

There's a gliding airfield (Nancy-Malzeville, LFEZ) only 2nm to the NW, but at 500ft higher elevation due to an outcrop of terrain, so watch out for that.

Landing fee for aircraft sub-2 tonnes was €10.33 inc. TVA.
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By Dave W
To add to this:

[LF1] Cash and normal credit cards accepted for fuel

Out of hours 3 (maybe it's 5? Keep going if no result!) clicks on the PTT will illuminate the runway lights.

If the airfield is unattended, do not park immediately in front of the entrance to the terminal. That's where the morning commercial flight is supposed to go, and you'll be in his way.