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By skydriller
Popped in for fuel here before heading back to France in July, landing fee 15 quid, an old WW2 airfield split in two by a road where one half is the current aerodrome and the other half, which is used for various other stuff is actually easier to spot from the air!! They seemed friendly enough and indeed had a PC available I fired up in order to send off my flight plan via OLIVIA, but I didnt see any wireless signal. I was worried about the concrete/grass join runway, but it was actually OK. Watch out for the Para-dropping, there's a big club there with a turbine cessna, though the pilot keeps you informed on frequency of what he's up to.
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By jaycee58
Wi-Fi is a bit dodgy at the moment. I think it's a problem with the router.

Beccles can now accept payment by credit and debit cards.
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By joe-fbs
700 metre concrete - grass runway. Made a precautionary landing there in April after a bird strike. Aeroplane stayed there for a month while the new wing tip moulding was bought from the USA, it was fitted and I found time to retrieve the aeroplane (we were away for two weeks). I was not charged for the landing and only a nominal charge for the parking. Busy spot with parachuting, private aeroplanes and a school. Nice café, very cheap but decent food. New operator had taken over between my arrival and my departure and they are in the process of improving the facilities. Worth a visit. Not far from the seaside.
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By Sooty25
I've heard the new operators have reduced the landing fees, maybe @jaycee58 can confirm?
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By jaycee58
Yes, £10 for an SEP now. I forget the prices for helicopters and microlights but they are all reduced. Lots of other changes coming soon. There's even a rumour that it might now be safe for humans to use the toilets without the risk of contracting a life-threatening disease.

Edited to add that microlights are now £5 and helicopters £15.
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