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By Charles Hunt
Sandown - Pleasant minimalist airfield with good grass r/w 05/23.

I wish that I had qualified before the club house burnt down, but for me, as a low hours NPPL, I love it.

As Sandown is unlicensed, do not expect any response from the radio. As described below I talk to Bembridge so that I am in touch with someone whilst over the water, and then sign off once clear of any Bembridge traffic.

Switch from F'boro to Bembridge, Coast out just East of Portsmouth, line up the forts so the you will miss Bembridge's ATZ (maybe edge west a little towards Ryde pier), sign off from Bembridge when past the extended centreline, blind calls on 119.275, quick look at the windsock and in to land on a long grass runway.

Park up, £10 for the landing, and then either snack at the basic (but none the worse for that) cafe, or walk inland for some lovely country scenery, or to the coast for paddling, fish and chips and ice cream.

Leave as late as you like, blind calls, choose a runway direction and head for home again. What's not to like?
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By davey
Hi Charles, How was the runway ? I heard the grass was rather long now.
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By Charles Hunt
Sorry only just seen this.

Not been since my original post, but have been three times in the last couple of months, and the runway seems well cared for and tended.

I am a very low hours pilot and have no hesitation in taking a Warrior in 2 up. Don't see any issues for 3 up, and I wouldn't take a Warrior anywhere four up!
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By Charles Hunt
As of October 2010, number for PPR is 01983 402402.

Parking now is along the fence on the North Side, and the cafe is now in the permanent building on the north side as well.
By malcolmfrost
Went today, agree with all above, holding point for 23 getting a bit boggy, but runway pretty good. 23 circuit RH.
Welcome from Henry, Carla and son very nice. Henry isn't in the tower which is on the S side but quite often is behind the cafe counter, so his view of any traffic is limited!
Suggest doing the run up on the taxiway, a la Lydd so you can see up the approach as I would have liked to keep moving at the holding point.
Note though NO FUEL anywhere on the island (unless you can use mogas). Camping available.
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By imperialsam
Visited Sandown yesterday for the first time in a couple of years. It seems the lease has now been taken over by Britten-Norman and the airfield has fully re-opened, including the A/G radio service.

I initially called the number in Charles Hunt's post above, but was asked by them to call the tower direct on 01983 405 125 for PPR.

We had planned to go into town rather than stay on the airfield, so upon landing we were advised to vacate to the south and park by the control tower. We paid our landing fee (£12.50) to the radio operator at the top of the tower. There were no facilities at all on the south side, but presumably had we wanted to remain on the airfield we would have been told to vacate to the north where I believe the cafe is.

The airfield and runway were in good condition. The grass length was fine.

The town itself is a nice enough place - a fairly typical British seaside town. The walk along the beach and the clifftops is nice. The walk from airfield to town turned out to be a little longer than it had seemed from the air, however we had no problem calling for a taxi at short notice to take us back.

All in all, I'm looking forward to visiting again soon.
By malcolmfrost
PPR not required any more.
South side parking grass now cut. Runway pretty smooth.
There is a bus stop on the main road about 100m from the tower, airfield side No. 8 goes to Sandown town, just up from the pier (£2.50 single ) opposite side of the road to Newport. Bus time in both directions is at :45. So land at :30, shut down, pay landing fee and catch bus to the Beach Shack for something with crab in!
Island rail line goes from Lake about 10 min walk from the airfield which will take you into Shanklin or Ryde in some old London Underground trains. It connects with the steam line at Smallbrook junction when they are operating.
As long as you land before 17:00 you can go when you want. (They want your landing fee and go home at 5!)
Went today--cafe fine--had a walk along the cliff walk towards shanklin-another good kaff on path where you can get a bite.
Great that it"s open again--one of my favourite destinations.
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By ChampChump
So glad to get there at last this year (it's a little too far for winter visits). The efforts put in by the few to keep it open warrant some sort of reward. It did seem a little strange at first being on the 'other side' but there's everything there, except fuel of course. The welcome is as warm as ever it was.
By mixsfour
Went in there today. Friendly welcome and even got marshalled to a parking spot. Thanks to all involved in saving this airfield.
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By greghm
I went to Sandown yesterday and I would warmly recommend it. The area is nice, the airspace can be a bit busy but apart from that it is as said above: warm welcome, marshalling, etc.

You can call a cab to Sandown "downtown" pier, it cost like 6 or 7 GBP.
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By Steve H
From cwalke on another thread....

Also,good news.Sandown are going to resume supplying AVGAS/AVTUR..Plans to install news tanks nr.the windsock near the cafe..
The old tanks by the control tower have been contaminated with water and therefore unusable..They did check this first..

Sandown is developing very nicely and the cafe is very good..friendly people everywhere,especially Henry...£12.50 a tad pricey for landing fee but let's hope the fuel is kept reasonably priced and they should get quite a lot of business...

Flew in there yesterday with owner Mike Thomas,GBNGW Super 2(based Goodwood) ,originally built there..
Best wishes,
Charles Walker
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By davey
Went to Sandown yesterday, first time this year, the wx was fantastic and a warm welcome when I arrived. However I arrived at 10.15 local, and the cafe as I discovered doesn't open until 11.00 am !! So if you are an early bird like me you have been warned ! However the runway was very smooth and there were some other early arrivals ( from Shoreham ) to chat to so a good experience all round.
By neilgeddes
Hello (and Merry Christmas!) Can anyone please say if the airfield and cafe are open tomorrow lunchtime Wednesday 28th December? There's no answer today on the cafe phone number. Thank you. Regards, Neil