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By strikool

I am planning for collecting an aircraft crossing Germany. Being normally a residentail flyer, I searched for info (AIP) online. To my astonishment; no civil AIP online to be found! I took the liberty to mail them the following.

It is really unbelievable how customer unfriendly and safety degrading the german AIS service is by not publishing the civil AIP online. Yes, sure your contacts are very professional, friendly and service orientated, but in todays world where services have been established by public money, these services should be open to the public as well. Most of the european countries have done that.
Being a European citizen with Dutch nationality, having France as reidence, I think I am right in stating that German AIS should be ashamed of themself. More surprised even, I am about finding the military AIP published on the internet.
I have phoned your AIS-Centre (AIS-C)
Telephone +49 (0) 69 78072 500 and when I explained my point of view, I could be send the pages that I needed for free but not the entire AIP, also it was confirmed that it is not published on line.
Local and residential flyers have access to the info, also they are familliar with local situations, the visiting and transferring pilots especcially of foreign counties are not! Therefor publishing aviation information online does help in making aviation more safe.
I hope that this mail gets to the right place being followed up properly.

Anyone to support my oppinion?? please react to; ... index.html
then select contact if you want to comment to the german AIS as well.

Thanks for additional oppinion and support, regards Frank
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By Keef
My German "Bottlang" (now called Jeppesen VFR Manual) has got the lot in it. No ILS plates but the VFR stuff is all present and correct.
By johnm
I have the full set of Europe Jeppesen Bottlang VFR and Germany takes most of one binder!

The bit I'm struggling with now is what to get (other than web access) for IFR
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By Keef
I (briefly) owned some IFR manuals. I'd need a part-time secretary to keep 'em up to date, so they went for the chop.

It's either a CDROM and a workable device to display them in use, or print off the pages you're likely to need from EADS.

In the US, of course, you just buy a full set of TERPS at each issue.
By Szymon
I agree with 'stricool'.
I did try to find using Google some page with AIP (VFR) Germany but without success. If you try to find AIP for Poland (registration required) or for Chech or for Greece there is no problem. For Germany does not exist. It is strange. Sims they do not like GA and one time visit in their country. :oops:
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By Flyin'Dutch'
There is no (ICAO) obligation to make the VFR AIP available free of charge.

The DFS therefore charges for the data.

A commonly used navigation programme has a lot (?all) of the VFR data available without having to pay for it, but should you choose to want the German VFR plates in a the Bottlang format you can take out a subscription for that which then depicts with georeferenced charts in the programme.
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By GrahamB
I'd be very circumspect about using any of the information on that site. The latest copyright date I can see against any of the charts is 2004.

Tempelhof is still shown as active!
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By A le Ron
Thanks for that. Looks like I'll be buying a subscription then...
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By Flyin'Dutch'

Look at the SD entry for Friedrichshafen (EDNY) and see what is available without a sub. It may meet your requirements.
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