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Saturday 18th September 2010 is AOPA Bonus Day at Duxford, open to both AOPA and non AOPA members. It promises to be a great day out – interesting and informative and at a fantastic fly-in venue. Landing and Museum entry fees are both discounted to £7 each.

AOPA members are encouraged to bring a pilot friend who is not an AOPA member. If he / she joins AOPA, they will enjoy 6 month’s free membership from September 2010 to April 2011 AND they will be entered into a monthly draw to win an “Aware” GPS Controlled Airspace Warning Device.

The day will be a great opportunity to talk to AOPA staff and committee members and have your voice heard and, of course, it’s a showcase and recruitment vehicle for AOPA.

We are pleased to announce that Eric Sivel, EASA Deputy Director of Rulemaking, (one of the most influential aviation figures in Europe) and Ben Alcott, Head of Group Safety Services at the CAA, have agreed to speak and answer questions at the seminar to be held in the morning.

For full details of the event and to book yourself in click here.
By David Viewing
Hi (if there's anyone there)

I just spent about 30 mins filling in the bonus day form, including what I thought was a sensibly crafted seminar question, only to have the whole lot thrown away by a spam error message from the server. Is there any chance of this being fixed? I really don't have time to do it again. There's no contact email on the form or AOPA website as far as I can see.

Thanks in anticipation

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By Keef
I just filled the form in, checked carefully that I didn't have spaces in the phone number etc, pressed "Send", and the screen went blank, then told me that it's waiting for, then went back to the AOPA UK home page. A tad counter-intuitive I thought. Then it e-mailed me to say I'm expected, so all is well.

I hope to see some familiar faces there.
I'm sorry to hear of these problems. This last week we had a server problem which was "fixed" by the hosting company. Subsequent to their fix we then had probems with the email server, which eventually stopped sending emails. This has now been fixed.

The spam error has only been reported once before, out of a large number of both test and real submissions. I haven't been able to replicate it, so can't fix it at the moment.

Keef - Your details have been recorded and the email acknowledgement you received confirms this. Things are a bit clunky at times, as we are working between two domains until the new website goes live, mid September. After which we trust we will have an improved service. I hope, even with these glitches, that the online form option is deemed better than paper and fax.

David - I've sent a pm, so hopefully I can help you get sorted.There are two email addressses for contacting AOPA; in the Bonus Day article -, in the Contact Us section -
Keef - I have taken your point about being dropped back to the AOPA UK Homepage as not the most friendly option. The exit now takes you to a, hopefully more friendly, "Thank You" page. But of course, as you have succesfully applied to join us on the day you won't get to see the change :D
Bookings are coming in steadily, but we perhaps did not make it clear that the day is also open to non AOPA members. Indeed, we'd love to see non AOPA folk to hear from you what you would want from AOPA. The only event in which AOPA members have priority is attendance at the morning seminars. If there are spaces left, we will allocate these on a first come first served basis to both AOPA and non AOPA members.
We have a wonderful opportunity of questioning senior EASA and CAA executives at first hand. Do come along and have your say and join in the Q and A debate!
Looking forward to seeing you there,
Chris Royle
Moving away from the serious to the fun, if any AOPA Bonus Day visitors would like to sample the Dragon Rapide, Classic Wings (who operate from Duxford) are offering AOPA visitors a discount on the short pleasure flights. Classic Wings are offering this in the spirit of the Bonus day, rather than the IWM, so book at the CW hut near the tower, on the day, using a voucher in the welcome pack. There's also the Concours d'Elegance and the prizes, so something for everybody.

If you haven't booked in with AOPA (link above) and reserved a landing slot with the tower (01223 833376), do so soon!

By fuzzy6988
This event sounds interesting.

Is it similar to the annual AOPA Summit in California?

Why is it called a "Bonus" Day? What's the bonus? Or is it just a name?

It's called a 'Bonus Day' because it's one of a series of special days run by Duxford airfield where discounted landings and museum admission fees are offered. Each day has a theme, and this one is hosting a fly-in meeting for AOPA members and folk interested in AOPA. Full details on the AOPA web site. If you want to come along, book quickly: register on the AOPA web site and book a slot/PPR/briefing at Duxford on 01223 833376.

By Chris Royle
Bookings continue at an increasing rate for the AOPA Bonus Day at Duxford on Saturday 18th September.
We have seminar presentations by Eric Sivel (EASA Deputy Head of Rulemaking) on EASA's relationship with GA and from Ben Alcott (Head of Group Safety Services, CAA) on GA's input into the CAA's forthcoming Strategic Review.
This is an ideal opportunity to hear from senior aviation personnel and to put your questions to them.
AOPA corporate members
* Airways Aero Associates
* Diamond Aircraft
* Lees Avionics (glass cockpit PA28)
* Flyer
* Cabair and HeliAir (to be confirmed)
* Airbox
* GA Buyer Europe
* RocketRoute
will be bringing their wares. A concours d'elegance competition for aircraft and contests for the oldest / youngest / and furthest flown will provide entertainment. Classic Wings are offering discount flights in their DH Rapide to AOPA members and their guests, and, of course, there is one of the finest museums in the World to see and marvel at.
And the weather looks as if it's going to be nice too!
See you at Duxford!
If you are flying in, please remember to call O1223 833376 for fly-in PPR
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By Keef
Yep - the order for CAVOK seems to have come through. Off to Duxford shortly.

Hope to see some friends there.
I'm the short fat one with glasses (and a blue shirt, in celebration of aviation) but no yellow jacket - if I can help it!
By Chris Royle
Many thanks to all who attended this event. We hope that you had a great day out. Judging by the number of smiling faces, it seems that most people enjoyed themselves. :D
We already have some views on where we could do better next time, but we need the opinions of members and non-members who attended.
Each of your welcome packs contained a Feed Back form to make your views known. If you completed one and handed it to an AOPA representative on the day, many thanks. You can still give feedback, either by completing the paper form and sending or faxing it to the AOPA (UK) office or do it online
Please be as candid as you wish. Your views will help us make the next event even better.