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By Keef
You might want to fix the typo:

Classic Fireplaces is a small business...

I had to look hard to see where you are. I have four wood-burners, one of which could do with some specialist attention, but it's in Norfolk. I've bought the rope glue now and am planning on tackling it DIY fashion.
Thanks Keef
The strange thing is this was scanned in from my flyers, 5000 all having the correct spelling.
Anyway If you want a new Stove or "Firelace" I am your man.

When you replace the rope seals use the rope glue at the end to stop fraying and close the door onto news paper . Leave over night and this will stop the glue sticking to the stove and pulling off again.
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By Keef
Thanks for the tip!

I'm planning on using the existing rope because it's clean, white and looks well. I don't think the chap who fixed it before used enough glue. But newspaper it shall have.
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By Tall_Guy_In_a_PA28
We hope to install a wood burner later this year. The catch is that we have no chimney so will pay more for the flue installation than for the stove. It will replace a gas fire with a balanced flue.

I'll be in touch when we have more of an idea what we want. Still unpacking in the new house (sure Keef knows the feeling).