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By Steven Day
Having overflown its handy on-field VOR many times, I decided to stop by Gamston today.

There's a lit, long tarmac runway. Big aprons, and extraordinarliy neat, laid-out parking bays. Generally the field is in great all-round pristine condition. You won't find any shabby run-down-ness here.

There's a row of smart, modern hangars filled with spectacular machinery - I counted six King Airs and three Citations, as well as one Eclipse, dwarfed among the King Airs.

And the newly furbished cafe is a gem. Proper food, served on proper crockery, reasonably priced, with a view over the action. Tea is served in a pot, that kind of thing.

Landing fee £11.74 for a PA46. I overheard with a fuel lift (don't know the required size) the fee is waived.

I can't believe I've never been there in 10 years of flying before. What a gem. I will be back soon to explore more.

More here:
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By Pianorak
Steven Day wrote:. . .And the newly furbished cafe is a gem. . .

I visited about a month ago for the first time and think it's one of the nicest airfields around. :D
By johnm
I use it when I visit my brother and they've always been welcoming and helpful
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By Iceman
And a very hot babe serving the tea I seem to recall from my recent visit :D

Iceman 8)
By TimB
Visited twice recently. Very well kept airfield with friendly and helpful ATC.

The new cafe is excellent with very good food and service.It has, as all airfied cafes should have, an good view airside.
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By joe-fbs
Went to Gamston today to meet my Doncaster based Dad for Fathers' Day. It's still as good as everyone says above. I would go so far as to say that it serves the best quality food in the nicest environment of any of the (admittedly only 30 odd in the two years I have been flying) GA airfields I have visited. My twelve year old thinks the Kemble cafe is better but he is wrong. Large smooth hard runway. VOR-DME on site. Friendly people. Helpful controllers at nearby Maid Marion Space Port (take-off from Gamston, straight to Doncaster radar, request transit, instantly granted, no bother). Twelve pounds, including two and half hours parking and I didn't even buy any fuel. What's not to like?
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By Gary H
First trip to Gamston today. What a nice airfield and the cafe is superb! It's the sort of eatery where you'd be pleased to take anyone. Best BLT I've had at any airfield....ever.
Some nice harware in some of the hangars too!
By windy1
Visited last Friday and happy to endorse all previous comments. Only 40 litres waives the £12 ldg fee (PA28) leaving more for the excellent caff. Fuel very well priced at 1.40+VAT.
By Bathman
First visiting in 17 years and all I can is that a lovely airfield.

The café was of the highest standard offering really good views of the apron and runway. And boy was there some nice aircraft. .

12 landing fee is cracking value.

My only criticism was the radio operator was a little grumpy.
By PaulB
I went last weekend and after seeing the food being served in the cafe, I wished that I hadn't already eaten! A great airfield to visit.
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By Dave W
Happened to be in the area, so I have just taken the opportunity to fly my JAR instructional hour with John Shaw at Gamston Flying School.

Airfield remains as described by others - well equipped and welcoming - and Gamston Flying School can also be throughly recommended. Friendly instruction with constructive and firm (yet diplomatic!) criticism where warranted. More friendly and efficient service from Sharon in the office. £99ph wet in a C152, plus £23ph instructional fee and £10 for day membership.

An enjoyable morning.
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By joe-fbs
Went there again today. All as good as previously reported but just one warning. The cafe (which is otherwise truely excellent) operates northern hours, none of your southern demand feeding. Breakfast stops at 1100 and lunch starts at 1200. In between it is drinks only. They only sold us six lunches today because I was able to extend my aircraft booking otherwise they would have sold only six cups of tea.
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By TractorBoy
First trip there last Saturday. Very impressed - good facilities, especially for a A/G station. If you like Diamonds, then have a quick nose around the hangers.

Food was excellent, although it was a fairly long wait. To be fair, it was quite busy.

Landing fee was £13 for PA28
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By Joe Petroni
Be aware if you are planning a visit to Gamston on a Monday or Tuesday the restaurant is closed, so the only facility available is a vending machine, which doesn't serve hot drinks.

The previous pilot lounge and crew kitchen are also no longer available, the kitchen is now a crew room and the lounge is now offices.