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Conington is around 5 miles south of Peterborough, sandwiched between the A1 and the East Coast railway line, so easy to find!

It has a 987M tarmac licenced runway, available all year 'round.

They have C150s (inc 1 Aerobat), PA28 161, PA28 201, Beech Duchess and a Chipmunk on the fleet
Link to Flying Club

There is a cafe available during open hours with a licenced bar.
All year around there is late opening on a Thursday night for both flying and dining/drinking

here is the AIP entry:
AIP Link

there is also a pub just up the road, within walking distance:
Beery Link
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By Paul Osborne
It's good enough for Andrewsfield students to do their first land aways. :) Friendly airfield, dead easy to find. Only possible downers are the small parking space and having to backtrack for 10 which can be quite a wait if it's busy.
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By wessex boy
Parking is not so bad in Summer as the grass can be used, but in winter it can be a pain when it is busy.

The backtracking thing can also be a pain, they need to put a taxi-way in and some more parking!
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By Waveflyer
Went there recently, excellent GA airfield and facilities staffed by a wonderful bunch of really friendly people. Great bacon sarni eaten in the sunshine with the fragrance of freshly cut grass - does it get any better :D
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By wessex boy
scuderia wrote:If its a "Business Airport" does it have an approach plate and/or ILS, or are the bacon and eggs a bit more posh?


They can just about squeeze an ickle Citation or King Air in, hence the Business Monicker
Called into Conington the other day. It's a very friendly place (and a flexible attitude to landing fees if you're with a regular was a very nice surprise!). Excellent teas.

The displaced threshold on 10 needs a little alertness, but that's down to my inexperience.

Conington was also my first solo land away, and they were equally helpful then. I recommend it.
Connington is a very regular destination for the Waltham Friday & Saturday flyout clubs. The queue for back track is a real downer though. The average is C 3-5 mins, but when the circuit is busy with training aircraft you can wait 15 minutes or more.
Renters get very p...d off watching the Hobbs clocking up £40 - £60 worth of rental fees whilst sitting at the hold.
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By wessex boy
Lefty wrote:Renters get very p...d off watching the Hobbs clocking up £40 - £60 worth of rental fees whilst sitting at the hold.

That can happen to the locals as well! Although it is amazing how close the Deer get when you are sat there
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By SteveN
We visited today from Glos. Very welcoming and laid back atmosphere. £10 landing fee.
Simple food in the club cafe but served with a smile. OH join is non standard for noise abatement but a diagram is on their website. Nice place to visit.