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By Up and down
I'm surprised there isn't already a listing for Fenland, so I'll start one here. (If there is and I missed it, apologies).

I flew in yesterday from Old Buck, keen to expand my repertoire of different airfields (this is only my 5th).

Anyway, Fenland lived up to its reputation of being difficult but not impossible to find - it's on a direct line between Wisbech and Spalding, which helped. The grass (26) undulated nicely so I had three landings for the price of one, but otherwise fine.

Very impressive radio. I arrived at the same time as about half-a-dozen others, but it was all handled in a very friendly and efficient manner. (This in spite of someone calling 'I'm low on fuel - I think I've got enough to get in, but not enough for a go-around'. How does that happen?)

Nice little cafe, and landing fee only £5. I'd go again.
By tripacer
Up and down wrote:Anyway, Fenland lived up to its reputation of being difficult but not impossible to find
Rather more difficult to find earlier in the year when the airfield is the same colour as every field for miles around. I agree, a nice friendly place.
By Bathman
Popped into Fenland yesterday. Very friendly welcome. Nice facilities too. Definatly on my lists of places to visit again in the future.
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By cloudhopper
I flew into Fenland on Saturday. As others have said, it isn't too difficult to find, although the GPS helped when approaching the airfield! Nobody was on the radio but it wasn't a problem as it was fairly quiet in the air.

Runway 36 was nice and smooth, and the 5 quid landing fee was a bargain!

The cafe did a good cup of tea and was pretty busy.

I'll be visiting again!
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By pilotbarry
They do very nice scoff at Fenland, but not always open, perhaps due to lack of trade. The lady wot caters does a nice line in cakes and biscuits. Well worth a visit.
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By letsgo
Dropped into Fenland Yesterday, Still only £5.00 landing fee and still excellent food with friendly staff offering a good selection from the menu and a nice selection of Cakes to finish. Self service fuel if need it as well.
Well worth a visit to this great airfield.
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By joe-fbs
A very beautiful small grass airfield. Tea served in a pot (metal anyway) and the nicest bit of Bakewell that I've had in a while.
Plus, for those of you tighter than this Yorkshireman, only £5 landing fee.