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By drachir
Interesting town, good airfield.

Perigueux is the Foie Gras capital of the world. It is a great place to visit, lots of interesting old buildings and squares with all sorts of interesting markets.

The airfield is a good'un. Friendly and efficient service from the sapeurs pompiers who do the fuel (you pay in the tower). They accept credit cards.
By LycoMan
That's interesting to hear. My wife and I fly in two years ago and the place was totally deserted. The terminal and tower looked all shut up with dirty windows and weeds growing out of the cracks in the tramac.

I marvelled at how I had been able to pursuade Avis to leave a brand new hire car in the car park with the keys under the sun visor in such a derelict place !!

I was quite shocked because when I had visited a few years previously it was a vibrant place but presumed it had lost out to the growth at Bergerac.

Has it been resurected as a fully functioning airport ?
By drachir
It wasn't busy (but the only airfields I've been to in France that qualify for busy are the ones full of Brits - Le2k & Deauville).

The tower was on duty and helpful. The firemen were there. There were a few other visiting aircraft parked up and a couple of people who looked like they were doing lessons.

As we were leaving a pretty large bizjet turned up (sorry I can't tell one from another).

They were happy to give us fuel and call a taxi for us. No complaints.
By LycoMan
Thanks for the info. It means we can keep it on our list.

I have to say it is a very pretty place. Last time we arrived it was dusk and to fly down the ridge line and to turn base to final, dropping into the valley was magical.
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By Ben
Just as they did with us. We stayed there for 3 nights and paid only 10 euro for parking etc. Nice place for a short visit or as a centre for trips around the local area.

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By GolfHotel
Has anyone been here recently?

I was wondering about a fuel and lunch stop later this week.
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By GolfHotel
Thanks AlR. When I asked the plan was to try it on Friday. Now due weather it looks like it makes a good spot to stay over tomorrow night.
By James33
Went there on my QXC in 2014.

Bit of a ghost town, apart from the odd bizjet and the B1900 that flies to Orly once a day.

Interesting that an AF subsidiary will happily operate commercial flights to many airfields with only a FISO whereas BA pulled out of Amiens as soon as their control service became AFIS.