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FWIW had a run up to Rotterdam and I can confirm it is currently very GA friendly with a good club and cheap fees - less than 30E for the landing and parking.

It would be worth putting on your destination list were it not for Rotterdam being singularly unimpressive, although others might see things differently.

I find it interesting to hear some of the different places people go and their impressions when they get there. Flyings OK but I like destinations with a purpose but finding interesting places to go with something really worthwhile to offer when you get there is not easy.

Maybe this thread might also produce a few.
By bookworm
FWIW had a run up to Rotterdam and I can confirm it is currently very GA friendly with a good club and cheap fees - less than 30E for the landing and parking.

Really? What happened to the mandatory handling?

Rotterdam has been the most expensive airport I've ever visited, with a cost of about EUR 240 when I last visited, using the Jet Center for handling.
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By Keef
What bookie said!

I'd love to fly in to Rotterdam, but the landing fee (incl the various mandatory bits) has always precluded that. If mandatory handling has gone away, or there's a formula to avoid it (as at Prestwick) then a weekend trip there might be on the cards.

Mind you, the mandatory ELT will be another hurdle, till they sort that nonsense.
Well there you go, a worthwhile post.

Give these people a call:

they arrange it all, and the fee is a bargain for a larger airport.

I notified mode S in the FPL but perhaps there is a way in without.

Enjoy if you go. :)
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By Morgan
Wow - this is excellent information, thanks! I've always wanted to go there but been scared off by the high charges. I've got a lot of family history in this city and flying in for the weekend will give me the chance to explore it.

Could you add this info to the ATIS section?

I'll see if I can move this in there...
By David Viewing
Wow, that's interesting news. I went to Rotterdam year before last and got stiffed per other comments. Ditto Den Helder as a matter of interest. So that's a very welcome revelation - thanks very much for posting it!

How did you get on with ELT? Perhaps you have one - did they ask? Does it have to be on the FPL?
ELT fitted and indicated on the FPL.

No one asked about anything, just all very straight forward and friendly. They even moved the return FP back in the space of a few minutes with a new slot time only 20 minutes after having requested one.
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By Peter Mundy
You will almost certainly get a bill from EuroControl for the ATC charges so don't spend all your spare cash for a while
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By carlmeek
I'm just updating this old thread, because I've had an email from Rotterdam Aeroclub. Asked if they could 'handle' me.

Dear Carl,

That is possible, we just want to know when you are coming, when you are leaving,
what time you are coming, when you are leaving and with how many people you come,
we can pass that on to the port authority. A landing will costs € 35.00, you can pay with a
bank card (no creditcard) or cash.
If you have more questions do not hesitate to call us at number +31 10 415 33 53

Kind regards
Vliegclub Rotterdam
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By joe-fbs
I visited Rotterdam last week when I had something to do in nearby Delft.

Recreational handling at Rotterdam is done by the flying club ( ) and requires advance booking. A more helpful bunch of people with a nicer set of facilities (lounge, garden, good food, beer, etc.) would be difficult to find. It is a (not very busy) full-service airport in Class C and under low-level class A. There are three VFR routes in/out, all the necessary briefing materials are in a document on the flying club website. It was also worth looking at the VFR notes in the AIP. All the waypoints are on SkyDemon.

Arriving along the coast from the south-west, Amsterdam Information passed me to Rotterdam Approach who put me on the Hotel VFR route then at point Victor called "It's all yours, clear land, contact tower". For 06, I landed short to exit early at V3 so as not to hog the runway. Landing 24, it seems better to land long for the same exit. At Rotterdam the AVGAS pumps (at the intersection of taxiways N and J) are not at the flying club (at Lima) so I asked Tower to go to the pumps first. They cleared me to the pumps but then sent a Follow Me which took me straight to the flying club without fuelling. There was a slight faff when I did come to refuel for departure, the pay-at-pump tries to pre-authorise 1500 euro which my bank visa credit card declined. Luckily, I carry a second MasterCard credit card which comes out of my other half's account and that was accepted.

On arrival, the authorities had been at the club a few minutes for a departure but did not hang around for my arrival. They did visit for both of my departures. They did want to see a print-out of my GENDEC but were satisfied by me forwarding the SkyDemon GENDEC email to their email.

Landing fee 22 euro; handling fee 30 euro; parking 17 euro per day (noting that Monday afternoon to Thursday morning is four days).

Taxi into Delft, a delightful place BTW, was about 33 euro.

More details in my trip report viewtopic.php?f=67&t=108464
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By joe-fbs
A few weeks after visiting, one receives by surface mail to the registered address of the aeroplane a multi-page paper bill for a terminal charge (departure charge). In my case this was 9.52 Euro and cost me about £8 bank charges.