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By beelzebub
I need to go to a meeting at Whiteley, near Fareham.

In the past I have flown into Southampton, but I don't see this as viable anymore.

Lee on Solent would be good, but I assume it is closed to non resident aircraft? A farm strip would be fine as I have a STOL type aircraft which I operate from a farm strip and I am comfortable with that environment.

Can anyone suggest an alternative? With contact details if possible.
By dysonsphere
There is one it was one here a while ago sorry cant remember where try your pooleys.
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By Steve D
Try Lower Upham, just north of Southampton Big Boys' Airport. About a 10 minute drive from Eastleigh.
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By dysonsphere
stevebulldogflyer wrote:Try Lower Upham, just north of Southampton Big Boys' Airport. About a 10 minute drive from Eastleigh.

Ah thats the one couldnt remember the name
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By Rob S
There are three other possibilities (at least) if you can get details - one is slightly to the west of Lower Upham called Roughay Farm and the other is at Boarhunt just north of Junction 10 of the M27 and very close to Whiteley, clearly visible on Google maps. The last one is at Durley about a mile South of Durley village. Again I can see it on Google but it is quite short. It is the home of Ron Souch's Aero Antiques so you may be able to get permission.

The others I have no idea about access but I expect some of the strippers on here do.

Rob S
By Martin @ EGLK

Is there anything more you can tell me about the Rougham field pls?
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By Rob S
Roughay (Rougham's in East Anglia!!) you mean? Sadly not, although there is a guy on here who does know something I believe - send me a PM and I will tell you (unless he is reading this).

It is VERY near to Lower Upham such that an Aztec crashed when supposedly landing at LU but found Roughay instead (or it may have been the other way round).

Looking at Google it is longer than LU. If you get LU on Google map at the 2000ft / 500m magnification and put the southern threshold at the bottom of the map in the middle you can see the runway clearly about a mile just west of north, the northern threshold of Roughay is close to the top of the screen.

Rob S
By Laurie
Are you sure about not being able to get into LOS.
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By Mike Cross
I bummed a ride from LoS to Bournemouth in a Twinstar today. and a lift back to pick up my car

Try Bob Ruprecht, Aerodrome Manager, 02392-551714
You might also find the information on useful (follow the "Airfield" link.)

Access is restricted, it's not open for joliies. If you explain that you're going to a business meeting you may well be OK.
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By beelzebub
Thanks for the suggestions everyone. Much appreciated.