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By ConcordeBA
A trip that was many years in the making. Planning my first IFR trip.

This was a brilliant little run, it helped me understand some of the setup of the London TMA and how they integrate a light aircraft wishing to fly from A to B in IFR conditions. There’s a lot more to it than meets the eye in your training and the theory prepares you for nothing of what the real world entails.

I suspect in the future I need more time to do my planning, and I need to be a bit better with my timing. I took a lot away from this flight and how the aircraft performs in this environment for any future trips or flights I plan.


FlyNQY was brilliant as usual, and the fees are within a reasonable amount expected for a large international airport. I’m more capable than I give myself credit for. I am confident but not overconfident and this was a great little trip and forever a small amount of that steep learning curve has been traveled.

Have a read of the write up here of my experience on my first IFR trip: https://www.theflyingvlog.uk/planning-the-first-ifr/

Any suggestions or proof-reading welcome;

Outbound Flight-

Return flight-

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By ConcordeBA
A fairly quick flight back from Newquay to London. Climbing up to FL110 into one of the world’s busiest TMA’s and hitting over 200mph as we fly back with a flight time almost 1 hour quicker than the morning.

The sunset on this flight home was magical…

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By James Chan
The next mission would be Amsterdam Schiphol. Everything else becomes smaller from then onwards! :D
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By Ibra
James Chan wrote:The next mission would be Amsterdam Schiphol. Everything else becomes smaller from then onwards! :D

I think Schiphol is probably the busiest runway accessible to GA for less than 100£, it can also hold SEP/SET on it’s pavement without breaking (apparently Heathrow runways can’t hold single fixed wings)

If one is after the longest runway, Luxembourg & Luqa comes to my mind, the latter is used by flex wings probably not enough for hot days takeoff 2pob at MTOW in microlights :lol: