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By GrahamB
Fellsteruk wrote:Hey

Does anyone know if there is a decent g5 simulator I thought Harmon had one but unable to find :(

If by ‘Harmon’ you mean ‘Garmin’, then no, there isn’t one. The User Manual is freely downloadable from the Garmin website, though.

Did your flying school from whom you rented the Warrior not give you EFIS Differences Training and sign-off before letting you launch off in it?
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By Fellsteruk
That’s my stupid spell check, I changed that twice, sneaky thing.

Was asking for a simulator just to get more familiar so not wasting time in the aircraft. Will checkout the manual

Not sure it counts as “ EFIS Differences Training” as the cockpit is mostly steam still just the DI and AI been replaced with the G5. That said they are/I am getting conversion training.

Had an hour yesterday for general handling, stalls etc etc and gonna have another session on circuits before I get signed off to hire her on my own, pretty robust to be fair so far and TBH I wouldn’t take her even if they did let me as it’s got a few differences to the very old Cherokee I’ve done all my training in.

I will however, back to your point be seeing if I can get some form of EFIS/Type conversion sign off on my log book :)
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By GrahamB
The G5 pair, when installed as you describe, does require EFIS differences training, so it’s important that a) you receive it and b) it’s endorsed in your logbook.

I hadn’t twigged that you weren’t solo, so it’s perfectly reasonable that whoever is doing your conversion training is concentrating on handling the aircraft itself before moving on to the G5s. Just don’t let them off the hook when it comes to the G5 discussion. They’re not complicated, but like all things they’re even simpler when explained properly, and you need to understand the gotchas and failure modes.

I had many happy hours renting a Warrior before falling for the charms of the Grumman. :)
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By Fellsteruk
Thanks, that’s good to known, they did give an overview of it the different tapes and indicators basic use etc but more to follow.

Doing a front n back n front again of the manual ahead of next session and intend to use it more and proper fiddle :) Amazing how much they can do proper impressive bit of kit.

If nothing else “praise the garmin gods” no more compass and DI alignment every 15mins, worth every penny just for that lol
By riverrock
If you learn on digital, then presumably there is no differences training - it's just part of your training. Same as other things which could be differences ( tailwheel, etc).
By Uptimist
The only method I’ve seen for sim on G5 is to use X-Plane 11 with a separate add on product, Air Manager, which allows you to build a custom panel including pretty realistic G5(s). Cost of Air Manager plus G5 module is around £100 I think. This is very useful for training for e.g. instrument approaches. Maybe overkill if you just want a brief play.