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I’d agree it is certainly not rocket science to align potentially significant changes to procedures, with no immediately obvious safety issues over what is being changed, with the AIRAC cycles.

Why it is not done in circumstances such as this is beyond me, when it is just setting up individuals to fail through no horrendous error on their part and no real impact to flight safety when complying with what had gone before.
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Every airport exists as part of a network and cannot exist in isolation. Anyone not talking to their neighbours should ring alarm bells in a breach of flight safety and efficiency regulation.
xtophe wrote:There is a NOTAM. So hopefully in a few AIRAC cycle all be aligned.

Why it was decided the change was urgent and couldn't wait the AIRAC (8 weeks ?), who knows?

Believe that the LLR arrangements needed to change toot sweet (sic) to align with the amendment made to the VMC minima in class D airspace.
You may have had your reasons for wanting to do the corridor but if not why didn't you then call Manchester for a zone transit at eg 2500?

This corridor debate on here comes up now and again and is staggering the amount of 'fear' and hesitance to ask for a zone transit (be that Luton, Liverpool, Brize, anything). Like others said above, I cant recall ever being refused Liverpool transit anyway direct north along their east side or over the 27 threshold. As for the 'tunnel of fear', it's only a few miles long!!!!

Hilarious how those based in the likes of Waltham and Blackbushe think nothing of going flying around those parts and yet when it comes to a big bad airport up north, or a specially provided corridor, ooh no, dont like the look of that!! I wonder what the record was for the most aircraft in the corridor ever, under 10 I imagine. 2nm apart,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
Because the transit is a total faff and the corridor is simple and not a faff. Especially when Liverpool send you to Whitegate which no longer appears on the chart. In terms of flying time, when going to Blackpool, it saves nothing and a nice descent from 3000' to below 1300' helps with the groundspeed making the journey even shorter. I always use the corridor when the weather allows so what are you saying Steve X, am I wrong because I didn't go for a pointless transit or am I wrong because I learned at White Watham and somehow should be scared of the corridor, which I am apparently not?
SteveX wrote:Transit over fields and/or two big runways at eg 2000ish versus over Warrington and built up areas at 1250. The former is my preference for views, safety, TAS and above all its probably direct!!

Some of those fields ( at least 6 or 7 ) are actually airstrips. :)