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By A le Ron
I have had four from him, not all of which had been advertised.
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By Genghis the Engineer
this sounds like a bit of nightmare

That is presumably because whilst the treaty has mutually accepted design approval standards, it has not accepted maintenance licencing and standards, but to a large extent this has always been the case - I was forced down immediate re-registration, survey and a new annual when I imported an AA5 from Spain a few years ago, despite EASA (but also to be fair, some significant deficiencies were found too).

By Hooligan
kanga wrote:
irishc180 wrote:.. Have a Saratoga SP also for sale, ..

ISTR from '60s 'Roger Bacon' in Flight International picking up on a small ad in that magazine's 'Aircraft for sale' column. It had clearly been 'phoned in to a staff member who was more familiar with larger aircraft types. The type appeared in the ad as a 'Stratogasp' :)

You remember correctly!
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