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By Sooty25
Flyin'Dutch' wrote:Is it a big secret who they are?

I heard they'll be doing an autograph session at the Flyer summer fly-in! :thumleft:
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By kanga
LapsedRinger wrote:.., there was a very smart American MPhil student who found Cambridge so dull that she flew home to New York for every other weekend on Concorde. ..

ISTR that President Reagan appointed to head a USG Agency a very wealthy crony (who waived his Federal salary because to him it would be 'petty cash with tax complications). However, his job now involved regular transatlantic travel. Federal Regulations required (and still AIUI require) that any Federal employee travelling on USG business by commercial airline must travel by a US airline if there is one on that route. The crony found that this meant he had to fly subsonic (admittedly First Class) rather than by Concorde as he always had been previously. I think I heard that he soon quit the job :)
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By kanga
Genghis the Engineer wrote:This is an American thing I think, there was an F-18 pilot on my ETPS course who used to drive up to the PX at Mildenhall every fortnight, as the idea of shopping for groceries in Salisbury was apparently just too awful to contemplate.



I'd have thought the PXs at Croughton or Fairford would have been closer, but perhaps he also liked the aircrew company .. :wink:

[here, I've been to several social occasions hosted by locally posted US military/DoD. There victuals hospitality has always been embarrassingly generous, but also always based on US supermarket products, for which they travelled to the Croughton PX as for all their groceries.

Because there used to be a small USN presence at RAF St Mawgan, the OR Mess and facilities ("Airmen's Club") had to be built and supplied to PX standards. This included a vast Bowling Alley. For sale at the bar there were all US-origin products, all very cheap; including US-bottled 'sodas', and even mineral water from Maryland :roll: Similarly, there used to be PX-standard facilities (and low prices) at some joint UK/US units in RAF Germany. ]
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By Genghis the Engineer
Rob P wrote:One step forward, one step back ... s-rcna1044

Rob P

My boss, who used to run a large chunk of Airbus so is pretty shrewd, reckons that all the recent PR from United and Boom is entirely making hay following that company failure. I reckon he might be right.

Meanwhile, on the continued quoting of forumites on the Beeb, we have the expression "Two adults and half a toothbrush". :lol: Who said that to a serious journalist I wonder :roll:

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