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The GNS530 in one of our club aircraft keeps setting itself back to 25kHz tuning steps when the aircraft is shut down. I assume it’s going back to a default setting.

For some time the GNS530 has displayed a warning on startup that the internal battery has failed, but I thought this only affected stored waypoints and flight plans. Could this also be causing the above problem? Guessing a new battery will be pricey...
townleyc wrote:This is where the right to repair is important.


The right to repair is nothing to do with it. It can be repaired, but an amateur soldering job (which is what is required) will invalidate its certification.

Not quite the same as putting a new motor in a washing machine.
townleyc wrote:Then why is the battery soldered in?

I don’t know, you’d have to ask Garmin, although I could conjecture a couple of reasons.

The original 430 dates back over twenty years. I don’t think it’s relevant to quote a UK law that hasn’t even made the statute books yet in the context of an almost obsolete specialised US product wrapped up in certification and regulatory requirements.