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By johnm
neilcharlton wrote:The last resort is a judicial review :?

HMG are seeking to limit that opportunity
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By Sooty25
johnm wrote:
neilcharlton wrote:The last resort is a judicial review :?

HMG are seeking to limit that opportunity

Might have to get that reviewed as well.
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By nallen
I've just read the CAA's response to the LAA. To me it sounds like the CAA invited the LAA/BMAA along and told them what it was going to do; I'm not entirely sure that counts as collaboration.

Incidentally, the CAA response contains the splendidly ironic sentence: "Additionally, we wanted to make editorial changes to improve/simplify wording and correcting any mistakes."
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By Irv Lee
neilcharlton wrote:Stephen , are you in touch with the all parliamentary working group for aviation ?

If you are, hope you get more out of them than I did in 1H2020.
I wrote in, a while later my own email was forwarded to me (sole recipient) by someone called a strange nickname, sounds like he or she doesn't see much daylight, and instead of to the presumably intended recipient, saying more or less "not my area of expertise, can I pass it to you". Naturally I wrote back and pointed out the error in forwarding addresses, got a "thanks" for pointing that out, and that is the last i heard on the matter- no further reply
By patowalker
G-BLEW wrote:BMAA response is here.


That is the way to do it. Respond to unworkable proposals with solid arguments. Calling publicly for the CAA to withdraw the proposals is unlikely to have the desired effect,
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By Dave W
The BMAA do also ask for that too, in essence:

BMAA wrote:Unless our view on this is accepted we believe that the consultation on A8-26 must be halted at this point and that a proper review of the whole chapter is conducted in cooperation by those with practical experience of using the procedures as well as the CAA
By patowalker
I missed that, probably because it is conditional on the BMAA's response not being acceptable.

I can't help thinking that withdrawal of the consultation is not the answer. If it is conducted in good faith, which we have to assume it is, it could suit the LAA and BMAA to be presented with unworkable proposals that can be totally rejected with solid arguments.

It might even suit the GAU to have the proposals, which do not necessarily originate from them, rejected in a public consultation, rather than be seen to give too much ground in private consultations with the LAA and BMAA. After all, even some in the GA Partnership might perceive the A8-26 activities of LAA and BMAA as an unfair advantage, which will only increase with the introduction of the 600kg microlight category.
I should admit to having lived a long time in countries where this explanation would be entirely plausible. :)
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Sadly at lot of good experienced people have left the CAA and the ones that are left are stretched thin. There's still some good people left , and i do feel a bit sorry for them and the work load they are under.

There's only so many times that you can say this doesn't make sense , where's the safety case but they plod on regardless.

You get to a point of frustration where you're left with no other recourse than a public statement, essentially embarrassing the CAA (their GA mailbox will now be flooded with complaints).
A sad state of affairs.
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By Morten
Having sent an email to the CAA about this, should one be expecting a response?
At the very least an automated reply confirming that they have received the email?
Should one expect to be told of any changes to the proposal or to be put on some sort of list of people to be gotten back to?

Having received none of the above, should one resend one's email until one receives any of these?

Just asking for a friend...
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By Morten
It was sent well in advance of the deadline. (my post was triggered by the other thread)
Spam folders do not have it. But if others have received automatic responses, I can only assume it is an issue in the system outside the CAA and that our thoughts will be duly appreciated.
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