Group flying opportunities & questions
How does that work then?

Three people would need to buy a share each. We've been down this road before IIRC

Rob P
Is that just a way of saying that three 1/6th shares required? Though I'd have thought that saying 3x shares required and see what size groups show up would be more flexible and more likely to turn up something. Maybe they want to buy one and are looking for three more people to go in with them.
The more I read it the more confusing it becomes.

A particular Cirrus? In which case why are we being told?

I'd read it as three guys wanting to buy half of a solo owned Cirrus between them, leaving the owner paying half of the bills and they paying 1/6th each. I expect he'll be trampled in the stampede of Cirrus owners anxious to bite his hand off.

Rob P
People will always try it on .We once had a couple of pilots who wanted to buy half of one share each in our gorgeous Arrow then take it away and keep it at an airfield over100 miles away for half the week…… :roll: