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If you tuned into Flyer Live on Thursday 15th April you may have seen Ian interview Textron's UK representative about how well their range of a/c is selling this year despite the Pandemic.

Textron make amongst others the Cessna range of which he has a fine C182. At the end of the interview he asked which model would be best to upgrade to and the answer was the Citation M2 Jet (obvs :thumright: ). At $5 million Bossman's disappointment was palpable. :(

But a quick trawl of a/c sales sites showed that an early Slotation could be had for less, so I helpfully commented that £750k should score the right machine. Quick as a flash the challenge came back to find the money. I gladly accepted. :D

So I've created this ambitious Just Giving page and kicked off the fund with twenty quid.

Yeah, I know 3/4 of a million pounds is a big ask but we're International Playboy (& Girl) Pilots and everyone knows that means wealth beyond imagination.

p.s if we fall a tad short I'll get him one of the Executive Desk Top Models and give the balance to Aerobility :wink:

So dig deep fellow forumites - it's for a good cause!
Just for my erudtion; if I chuck £20 in it will (probably) go to Aerobility - but if it gets to £500k or so (not likely!) will Mr S grab a cheap loan of £250k and have ownership of a new steed!?

PS do we get fractional ownership??


<Money sent>
Charles Hunt wrote:Slotation?

Presumed AutoGibberish.

A rather disparaging reference to their less than stellar cruise performance. Slow, cramped and rather geriatric up front. Not exactly lookers on the ramp either
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