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I was wondering if anyone here can help.

Over a year ago work asked us to change our licenses from UK issued ones to other EASA states due to fears over Brexit. So I switched to an Irish issued license. I also fly a Jodel out of Popham on an SEP rating.

My SEP expired end of November last year what with all the Covid problems. Now Im having problems finding someone to do the required training, test and then sign it off. It seems that any UK examiners cant sign off EASA licenses now.

Would anyone know of an examiner / flying school not too far from Popham where I might be able to get my SEP renewed ?

Any help and info much appreciated.

I'm an IAA Instructor/Examiner, based in Cambridge.

Another forum user @Parnassus is after something similar in SW London. Happy to travel in that direction and complete all the training and paperwork in one go if we can make it work..