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By carlmeek
Does anyone know what the current situation is for processing of FCL ratings and renewals?

I have several outstanding, the oldest of which is now just approaching 6 months. This is obviously ridiculous, but i've failed to get any form of response from them.

Just interested to know if this is a general log-jam or it's something i've done !
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By MattL
If you’re on e licensing it just doesn’t work / crashes and I’ve had no response to questions and emails so it seems there is no ability to update or achieve anything at the moment. Perhaps eventually when they run out of cash flow they might actually solve some of the issues
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By gasman
Pdflyer86 wrote:Registration changes are taking no time at all!

The registration dept has always been been efficient and helpful imo (unlike other Belgrano departments ).
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By RisePilot
Carl, I did a new type rating in December and still waiting on the CAA. Both the training organisation and I have both contacted them (multiple times), but getting little in substantive feedback.
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By Genghis the Engineer
I've had similar problems, made a formal complaint, received an apparently sincere written admission of fault and apology- but several weeks since, still no rating on my licenses, 6 months after passing a skill test.

I have heard a number of anecdotes of similar months long delays.

FCL are an absolute shambles and not apparently getting any better.

I would be all for compiling a list of these and sending them to the Chairman or aviation minister- but most people whingeing don't seem to want to rock the boat officially.

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By AndyR
Similarly I have recently submitted a formal complaint. They’ve not even had the courtesy to send a holding response. And this for a simple request now also over 6 months old but will soon affect my ability to earn a living.

Absolute shambles.
By DavidC
If you’re on e licensing it just doesn’t work / crashes and I’ve had no response to questions and emails so it seems there is no ability to update or achieve anything at the moment.

I had naively thought that once I moved onto the online licensing system on gaining a CPL, my ratings would be easily revalidated online and data shown correctly. No such luck - from the outset the portal never matched the printed licence and my IR revalidation does not show up despite sending forms in and a followup email.

I seriously doubt that the CAA actually know what current ratings or licences any pilot has.

There needs to be some accountability for the poor performance of this department, and a serious/funded action plan put in place to modernise. It may well not be the fault of any individual that works in the department itself, and constantly changing regulations don’t make it easier. But with just 20,000 or so pilots, many of whom require little interaction, it really should be possible to match other country’s regulator’s performance.
By The_Doc
Slightly off topic but along the same lines, a recent contact with FCL confirmed they had no idea which of my ratings were current, despite the examiner and myself sending appropriate and valid paperwork in to them.

I find this rather disturbing as in the event of an accident, the paper license I am required to carry has a reasonable chance of going up in flames, so how is my insurer going to know my IR or MEP was valid, current and entered on my license if the Authority did not know when asked?

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By WelshRichy
I have recently moved house and have to inform the CAA of my new address and because my SEP has been revalidated I need to have the CFI verify my licence and photo identification prior to submitting the request into the ether (only other way is to send my licence to him but we both don't recommend that approach). With restrictions still as they are in Scotland earliest I'll be able to do this is 26th April.

By contrast I changed my address on the FAA website on 7th March. Paid $2 (£1.49 on my card) for a re-issue of my "certificate". I received a new certificate on 24th March with my new address and all ratings present and correct without the need for any verification from any official source. It is as if the FAA treat us as grown ups and have an excellent service even in these times. Who'd have thought!
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