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oldbiggincfi wrote:Everyone should go to a Council Planning Meeting once in their lifetime .

There are some unbelievably stupid people on the committee .

Been there, done that. Horrified at some of the thought processes and the utter carp then spoken. My faith in the fairness of a planning system was wiped out forever.
oldbiggincfi wrote:
PeteSpencer wrote:I logged in today and read through the submissions.

I really do wish you well but their minds are already made up.

Everyone should go to a Council Planning Meeting once in their lifetime .

There are some unbelievably stupid people on the committee .

Been there, done that:
Took four planning committee meetings 5 years ago (including re-design of one end of the proposed newbuild house) and a site visit of a busload of stuffed shirts before they would pass planning approval for our retirement pad........
Those closer to it might have a different view.... but worth being aware of the three tiers of the process:

1) Planning officers - like many roles, variable quality, some do a good job, others don't. Planning officers either prepare a recommendation for planning committee, or are sometimes delegated to make decisions.

2) Planning committee - elected Councillors - even more variable quality, often don't understand planning policies and regulations, and are more keen to be seen to have made the right decision from an electoral perspective. (It's clear that some don't even read the officer reports)

3) Planning inspectorate - where you appeal to if you disagree with the decision of planning committee. IMHO they tend to understand the rules and play a fairly straight bat.
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TheFarmer wrote:I’ve never net the OP, and I’m sure he’s a great chap and very charming.

However, if there was ever a text book method of ensuring that your new airfield plan never happens, then this saga is the one to replicate.

Bit of an echo in here..... :roll:
One summer there was a buzzard regularly perching on the Building Supplies merchant building next door to the JAM car park. From time to time it would make a foray to hover over, and occasionally swoop on, the airside grass between the JAM apron and Heli North West, but seemed to stay North of 09/27. It seemed unfazed by the runway, heli, and taxiway R activity; although when I noticed it set off I used to call Ops to tell them. I suppose it may have deterred other bird activity :)
South Moor Farm Airstrip.

Update 26/05/21

The Fifth appeal as just been dismissed!

Despite every grass strip in the country having abundant birds and wildlife.

Cannot overcome the bird problem!

Unless I/we manage to change the planning system it could be impossible to ever get planning permission for new sites.

I cannot see a way forward to obtain planning permission.

I am thinking of trying to find out what the penalty will be if I start using the strip again.

The planning system is completely broken. Major government policy like HS2 no problem sponsored by major developers no problem

Harmless use of individual land and property...... forget it.
I think that my response would be to install 100 watt loudspeakers and play symphonies at random intervals :twisted:

The applicant is effectively being placed in a position where he is expected to prove a negative and that inspector is clearly not very bright and looking for excuses to reject.
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