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By RussStein
As an addicted FR24 user ( esp in these times) I've frequently seen these traces from what I assume are survey /calibration details

...Is this one a calibration exercise or just an excuse for the pilot to practice his etch a sketch skills ? :wink:
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By Ben K
<standard quip about chemtrails>

That's a survey pattern from a company that does surveying, so I'd go with a survey trip :wink: IIRC calibration flights look different.
By Stu B
Presumably for some applications, night may be better for IR, with generally lower background levels?
By RussStein
Good spot.!

Surely it's one of :

Etch a Sketch practice ( again)
New Design for rear heated screen element
Some sort of bizarre knitting pattern

Whatever. Lucky pilot getting a shed load more P1 than most of us....
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By Stu B
If @PeteSpencer is right with his suggested tasking (and that was certainly what I had in mind too) then the aircraft registration is quite appropriate!
By Stu B
Very commendable in environmental terms to co-locate the place of weed cultivation with the place of consumption!