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I know I shouldn't be, but I'm amazed, despite all the evidence of the past 20 years that whatever regulation comes out, it will be misunderstood.
Until COVID came along, I'm not sure what proportion of grass roots pilots had never heard of ORS4, never mind actually read an exemption there-in. It must have been a very high percentage, after all, the club cafe barista and Facebook aviation groups were always the place to go, as you could then pick whichever one of the 5 different answers suited you best.
Now pilots are reading ORS4, as they suddenly find things have turned to their advantage with the Covid exemptions. Unfortunately not being used to reading them, they are naturally treating them like a Facebook answer and deciding it says what they want it to say, rather than reading what it actually says.
I am finding a few pilots, contacting me about other things, are letting slip that they are quite relieved that their ratings have been extended from (whatever month they expire) to the end of April 2021 by 1416 or 1418.... not understanding that it is the EXEMPTION that expires then, there is no movement in expiry dates of ratings.
No-one has actually asked me about it, they are quite convinced about it so wouldn't dream of asking about it, it is always revealed almost by accident, which makes me wonder what % of pilots are going to get a shock when they go for revalidation signatures in April with a rating that expired in February - or even Nov 22nd!! (And I wonder if some will get the signature, if some pilots misunderstand, there is no reason to suspect all 'signatories' understand!)
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Unfortunately, you can lead a horse to water, but can't make it drink.
I did several revalidation extensions to 22nd Nov. I was asked to revalidate by pilots who assumed they didn't need the briefing as long as they flew the hour with instructor before 22nd, whether validity has expired or not. I have been asked to revalidate based on a pilot telling me he had a briefing from a CFI, but no logbook or licence evidence.
Please keep slogging the hard miles for us Irv. It sure as heck helps me keep up too. I really appreciate your burning the midnight oil for us, as I'm sure loads of others do too.
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All true.

However, to be fair to most 'hobby' pilots the regulations, easements, exemptions, exceptions, blah, have became Byzantine.
Add in C-19, Brexit/EASA/not EASA/now CAA/ICAO/non-ICAO/EASA aircraft/Part 21 aircraft/Annex I aircraft/Annex I aircraft but with a C of A... it has all gone haywire.

And all they want to do is fly for the fun of it. I really can't blame pilots for getting confused.

Now a query - are any instructors currently (under Lockdown v3) flying with pilots for revalidation purposes? I've had a couple of requests to revalidate.
Kemble Pitts wrote:And all they want to do is fly for the fun of it..

Well, you have hit on something that I rarely hear expressed in any formal discussions, but funnily enough, I already have in a list to raise/discuss about infringements in a few days time, along with a couple of items linked to it.
Hi Irv,
I am perfectly happy to admit to being a thicko and that I am confused by the current ORS4 on revalidation. I have more than the requisite hours and landings however not the 1 hour instruction to revalidate my EASA SEP that expires at the end of February.
As I have no intention of breaking Covid restrictions I will be unable to fly with an instructor to achieve the required hour before my class rating expires. Therefore I presume that I have to wait until it is safe to have a proficiency check flight? Unless you have a cunning plan that is?
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Baldrick wrote:Still a bit of a bind there being no extension of the EASA SEP rating for Covid, especially as I’ve done a few hours with an instructor in microlights before the first lockdown which would count for an NPPL.

(Only with both nppl ratings, as there is no m'lite differences training for use with ssea ratings)
However, microlight dual would count (assuming differences training) to sep reval if you had a UK non-fcl ppl-sep. You don't do you?