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By Lockhaven
My aircraft is painted in the USAAF colours that it left the factory in 1954 with, and doesn't display a G reg.
I think about 2 years ago the CAA also wrote to me saying that I no longer needed to apply every 3 years to revalidate the permission, provided the colour scheme remained relatively unchanged.
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By Rob P
We had both the Air Attache and his somewhat disappointing* daughter attend our 'First Flight' event.

Rob P

*Only disappointing in the context of her name conjuring up images of a delicate and graceful ballerina or smouldering FSB agent. The lady herself was definitely verging on goth, right down to the 14-eye Docs
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By xtophe
Going back to the first post, there will be differences on who can do it and price depending on its CoA or Permit to Fly status. Its country of registration will also make a difference.
By Red
One exception to this is aircraft wearing United States Air Force markings as the US Embassy have granted permission for UK registered aircraft to wear their authentic markings as long as the aircraft type is no longer in USAF use or in their service inventory.
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Wabash wrote:This is likely an aircraft already in miltary guise, just to avoid confusions assume reg or markings will remain same I'm just wanting to over paint existing with a better shade .

So my key question is assuming i follow good general practice in cleaning existing paint , masking etc etc can just go paint (with a paint of my choice ) and then go fly without any inspections /signing off (only flight issue i can think is CG will move back slightly) Sounds too pragmatic to be true but I live in hope that a coat of paint won't ground the aircraft :lol:

Certainly if on an LAA Permit, a re-paint would need at the least a new weighing - that will require sign off by an approved person and submission to the LAA in due course. ... 0Notes.pdf