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@Charliesixtysix, the last that I heard on the Oban fuel front was that the tank had been bought, the foundations were in and that a self-service pump would be introduced. I know that there’s not much incentive for them at the moment but you’d have thought that they’d have used the down time to get on with the project. Too much to ask, rather unsurprisingly :roll:.

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Charliesixtysix wrote:Agreed. No connection, other than that there is unlikely to be much ga activity next spring if there is no fuel up there?

Do bear in mind that there are two flying clubs at Oban, many of whose members are not dependent on local Avgas (although some of us are!) In good times there are also plenty of inbounds from other Scottish airfields who need not uplift fuel, so COVID and weather permitting there will be GA activity. :D

Iceman’s summary of the Avgas situation remains accurate, progress apparently delayed by COVID
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As an aside on fuel, Glasgow Flight Center have just completed installation of an AVGAS pump. They are still sorting out details but should be in regular use, including for visitors soon. You can see landing and handling charges appear much more competitive than before. Apparently they are still working out if the £39 landing fee can include some parking. I'm not a member there - just saw their announcement.
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A better place to do such a trial might be somewhere like Mallaig or Ullapool with similar remote medical practices.

But if has to be Oban based, they could use other locations such as Colonsay or Iona which would have much less impact of flying, particularly if below 400ft.

Indeed if it just to prove the concept / principal, presumably there is no reason why it has to involve remote medical practices, and any sot of location could be used.
If the trial was all in radio range of Oban, and Oban were able to provide a Danger Area Crossing Service, most of the issues would be mitigated. However Glenforsa isn't in radio range of Oban - my memory is you need to be airborne first - and I believe on the previous trial they just provided info on activation, not a crossing service.
The reliance on radio contact or airspace segregation is exactly what we should be working to remove.

The generation of a recognised air environment via EC and the rebroadcast of that air picture to all users is the way forward IMHO.
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