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By F70100
Have to be careful with generalisations of course, but I'm supposing that a significant number of flight students have access to a colour photocopier.

I've been (accidentally, I think...) smacked in the face too many times whilst studes have been trying to unfold and fold a chart that's wider and longer than a C152 cockpit to know that there has to be/is a better way. Whilst it's true that as a flight instructor, we're trying to teach the finer points of max drift, vertical navigation, 1 in 60 blah blah, it can be equally worthwhile to encourage students to spend time thinking about mundane admin. Keep it simple and easy, like me :wink:
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As an aside, when did flying instructors turn into flight instructors?

Is that a post-YouTube thing?

Not judging that or anything, just asking.
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F70100 wrote:Flight instructor, flying instructor? For this money I'll be anyone you want... :oops:

You're probably right, too much youtube.

My question really wasn't aimed specifically at you, you just reminded me of it. The terms flight instructor and flight school crop up a lot, I just wondered when they'd so decidedly crossed the Atlantic.