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By VRB_20kt
I’m hoping that it will be little more than a couple of locking bolts to mount it to the aircraft and a twisted pair addition to the DSub plugs to make a 9600 baud serial connection (plus the inevitable paperwork to the LAA). I have a spare breaker and switch already fitted for power. Amend the W&B (probably an imperceptible change) and with any luck it’ll be good to go to test.

I have major work going on with the aircraft at the moment, most of which is at a halt for obvious reasons so I’m not expecting to get it flying any time soon.
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By Rob P
The local avionics expert quoted us three days plus materials. We didn't stop laughing for a week.

The installation kit doesn't come with a linking lead, this has to be made up using crimped connections. Trig's suggestion is that this requires a crimping tool, the recommended version of which is over £300. Then the power should feed through a circuit breaker, also not supplied.

So it's not quite the 'two bits of wire' we had always thought so we are now scouring East Anglia for someone who will give us a sensible cost.

As ever TLAC at Little Snoring look a good prospect, they may have workshop time somewhere this summer :shock:

Rob P

For the avoidance of doubt 'this summer' was my exaggeration for comedy effect. But they are busy.
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By tnowak
Have you considered asking someone like Harry M to make up the lead for you?
No reason why you can't mount the equipment yourself assuming yours is an LAA aircraft.
Even the RF cable from transponder to antenna can be purchased, if you don't already have that. Have also PM'd you.
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By Peter Gristwood
r_w_walker wrote:Quoted over £2000 to supply and fit!!

Is that reasonable?

How are others fitting this item?

I was quoted £1700+vat for this. Apparently it needed the TN72 +aerial +labour. After picking myself off the floor, I went for the SE2, where the £250 rebate actually meant something