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Wide-Body wrote:Pete, do you know why Legends are leaving?

This slightly deluded lady, a spokesperson for IWM Duxford, posted this on Twitter, which fortunately someone screenshotted before it was hastily removed.

As you will see, Duxford don't think Legends was particularly popular and anyway they aren't really an aviation museum.


Rob P
Kemble Pitts wrote:
PeteSpencer wrote:Holy cr ap!

Is she real?

Peter :twisted:

Aren't you a 'regular' at Duxford? Have you picked up any intel on the matter?

I’m just the oily rag on the fringe and haven’t been in since March However it’s true to say relations between IWM and DAS have been better
It has been a while since I have attended Legends itself, but from the pictures posted all across the web I am finding it difficult to reconcile how exactly it has "become removed from its warbird origins"

Either she has never actually attended one, or her degree in Media Studies didn't cover the meaning of the term "Warbird". She probably thinks it means WAAFs

Rob P
Speaking with absolutely no authority at all I think it is fair to say that IWM wanted a bigger share of the proceeds of the Legends show. TFC couldn't agree as I'm sure it helps in no small way to service their large fleet of warbirds, hence the move. Duxford, after a false start with their own revised shows, have had a couple of events which appeal to a different demographic and have been successful in terms of numbers. Interestingly they still had quite a large percentage of warbirds on the list so it will be interesting to see what they plan to replace Flying Legends.
ozplane wrote: TFC couldn't agree as I'm sure it helps in no small way to service their large fleet of warbirds

I was told by one who would definitely know at TFC that their share of the Legends take just about covered their annual insurance bill.

This was pre-Shoreham, of course

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ajhflyer wrote:Not sure exactly what is meant by Fl

If you intended to finish with "meant by Flying day" I think it means there are a several displays by based aircraft during the afternoon - nothing formal or organised as such, but if you visit on those days you will see something airborne. On other non-airshow days you may see a practice display if you are lucky.
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