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By SH87
Hi everyone,

[I apologise if this has specifically been covered before - please feel free to direct me]

I am really interested in hearing from commercial pilots who followed the modular route. I am a finance professional who has wanted to fly but funding has held me back, now I believe I am in a position (age 32) to pay from training over a few years.

I am keen to hear details on;
- where did you start and what was the private learning like
- how did you go about your hours building.
- how did you get things like multi engine /night rating while in a full time job
- how you went about identifying jobs and successfully applying.
- what advice you have for me, I suspect I won’t be able to quit my role until I secure a pilot job.

Please note. I don’t want the discussion to be around whether the industry will recover - I am confident, and working on the assumption demand will return. I am also ensuring I don’t extend myself financially through this period.

By SH87

I have received a few really nice and helpful private messages on this topic, thank you.

I wanted to extend it a bit further, I am sure there will be a thread on this but I couldn’t find one.

I want to know about ‘older’ students. I am so keen on this, but at 33, and without all the funding immediately available, I can expect this will take minimum 2/3 years, perhaps as much as 5. Pretty relaxed in terms of whether this is for an airline/business/cargo etc at this point. Keen to hear about experiences and if you think I will have any obvious hurdles - I hope not as a company can’t expect to have me the whole career so as long as I have say 10 or more years left they should be fine, but of course I am not in this industry as yet.

This is also assuming all things come good post COVID, so let’s ignore that for the time being!

Stories and advice appreciated.


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