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So the website says:

Q6. Will the airport cease operations? If so, will these be rediverted elsewhere?

A6. The airport will be unaffected by the first outline planning application being brought forward by Barwood Land and Taylor Wimpey and will continue to operate, until development comes forward for the remainder of the allocation site.

But I am concerned about what new residents may do to the airport and what this underline means for the future.

A shutdown of this airport may mean a relocation to East Midlands. And that would be much less convenient for some, an increase in costs for many users and FBOs.

Unless someone suggests Taylor Wimpey to build an airpark...... Then there’ll be homes to sell complete with hangarage.....
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Would have thought the council planners would tear up the rule book due to covid and introduce more social distancing with any new housing developments. i.e. start afresh miles from anywhere else.

As flyers we have seen there is so much more space in the country to start new towns.

If they do build so close to an active airfield the house title deeds should prohibit owner/occupier from complaining about aircraft noise.
townleyc wrote:Those plans do show clearways for both runways - perhaps there is hope, at least for a while

The proposal does not seem to mention flying and the masterplan does not include runways. They are keeping a listed pill box though!

Very sad. Fond memories of a friendly place to visit.
looking at the plans for the primary school, it won't be long til someone says that it can't be acceptable to have a runway so close to a primary school...... no doubt there will also be a puppy farm somewhere in the vicinity too, just to ensure the airfield is concerned 'too risky'
townleyc wrote:Those plans do show clearways for both runways - perhaps there is hope, at least for a while

Have dropped in many times


Phase 1 of the plan shows clearways but in phase 2 the airport just disappears. And I'm sure that in Phase 1 the airfield will get hammered with noise complaints. I don't see much of a future for the airport once planning is approved.

I'm curious to learn what Sherwood Flying Club response will be to the plans.
The planners should demand the developers pay for another road crossing of River Trent. Of course they will refuse but should be set as a firm demand, build the bridge first then you can build the houses. Developers promise things Section something or other then back out saying they cannot afford it. Nottingham / Nottinghamshire needs more road crossings across the Trent. If not provide no one going anywhere at rush hour. (ps, I live on outskirts of Nottingham and fly gliders so don't use Tollerton but would have to see it go) Also my gliding club spent ages trying to get onto RAF Newton but we were strung along then told land was contaminated with radioactivity due to burnt aircraft instruments.