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By Fellsteruk

By the letter of the policy you have to have a license to get the EC rebate so I emailed the CAA asking that whilst I don’t have a license yet I’m known to you as you’ve issued a class two so would you make an exception for students?

Shock horror no reply, so as a punt I applied on the portal for the EC Rebate access, today I was granted access to the claim form to claim the rebate “great stuff I must be able to get it”

Not so sure as the form asked to check eligible before claiming.

I know the answer is technically NO, I’m just curious if any other students have managed to make a claim or anyone else know if a student has been successful.

Didn’t think I’d have gotten this far if I’m honest.

Based on approval I was gonna try and order a sky echo if I could find it in stock but suspect I’ll get rejected on my claim now.
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By Fellsteruk
Your not wrong there...

I suspect the funds will run out long before then but that aside I’m not sure I’ll do it in five months as an In expected expense in the form of surgery for the dog that the insurance refused to cover left a £4K hole my savings :( Needless to say my plans to have my Licence by the spring is unlikely