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Can anyone recommend any good aviation-related TV programmes on the usual catch-up TV or streaming services? Especially things relating to flying in more remote parts of the world. I re-watched Worst Place to be a Pilot recently which I enjoyed seeing again; would love to check out a few more TV programmes of a similar nature :D
Second reply and already it veers off topic to suggest that whatever else you watch the 2019 film "Midway" is to be avoided like the plague.

The Spitfire documentary from about three years back is total magic.

The series "Inside the Spitfire Factory" which is currently running is a bit dragged out, but beats Emmerdale Farm or Britain's Got The Voice or whatever.

Rob P
Boxkite wrote:A little bit over-dramatised, with a lot of 'coming up....'

Unfortunately nearly all documentaries are done like this now. Most of it is introductions, 'coming up' pieces, recaps of what's gone before, subject speaking to camera away from the action, dramatic still shots, suspense building, fake jeopardy, etc.

It massively reduces cost because the actual content (which might be quite expensive to make) is reduced to no more than a few minutes in a whole hour-long programme.

It also panders to the modern audience who can't (or don't want to) concentrate on anything.

Re-watch anything made before about 2000 and it's quite refreshing to see it done properly.
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Agree that constantly reviewing the programme so far or anticipating what's to come is an unnecessary evil. There's probably more interview in the can, use that...

Also annoys me that talking heads are often introduced when they first appear and not for subsequent appearances so if you are late joining the programme - or have a sieve like memory like me - you've no idea who they are. Watched a documentary the other night that labelled each person every time they appeared - thank you!