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By Rob S
.....oooh a post in the GA bit! I should have mentioned that although I haven't flown for many years in a GA aircraft (sorry to say I don't really miss it) I have got a 30 minute trip to take in an Ikarus. Not sure what that'll be like, I am hoping terrifying and awful so it doesn't make me think I want to fly again! Couldn't afford it now.

I will also get a new airfield in my logbook too!

Happy Landings

Rob S

PS Do people still twiddle VORs and NDBs or am I showing my age?!
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By Charles Hunt
Buy a err what are they called, note book? No that's not it, tablet!! that's the one. Load it with SkyDemon. Strap it to your knee. That's it. Job done.
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By TheFarmer
The Ikarus is a superb aircraft in terms of performance and reliability too.

Enjoy it. I hope you get hooked again.
By andytk58
chevvron wrote:
CloudHound wrote:Is that the a/c you have to reach between ones legs to operate the throttle?

Jabiru :D

C42 Ikarus too, so CloudHound is right.

I did all my ab inito training in one.

I particularly like the overhead flap lever!

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By Rob S
Aww, The Left Hander, that was fun writing that. Funnily enough Dave Unwin came up in my life recently as he contributed to a magazine that I subscribe to, but then "left" - I recalled how Steve Morley and I met him once and he told us that there had been a discussion about suing us for our "Today's Toilet" cover. Oops. I can still remember doing the Nudist Flying photos, that was such a good laugh!
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