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By T18

Any suggestions for replacing Whelan stobes with led equivalent, I have done a google search but not much wiser, it’s for an LAA aircraft.

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By Rob P
It rather depends what you want.

We have an ongoing improvement programme and have just moved from absolutely nothing to FlyLED's all singing strobes, position lights, landing lights, taxi lights and wigwags.

By all accounts its quite noticeable

Rob P
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By Rob P
Well the service from FlyLED was excellent. Obviously I'm not in a position to comment on longevity of the kit yet, but the guys who installed them for us seemed quite impressed with the quality

Rob P
By chevvron
Make sure the strobes are on a separate circuit to other lights such as nav lights as many airports/airfields require you to turn strobes off when taxying on the apron and parking areas.
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