What are you planning? Where shall we go?
By djtaylor
The only decision to take at the moment, very disappointing given your efforts and creativity for what sounded to be an excellent event. Thanks as ever for creating great opportunities to visit Italy we hope to be back when there is some normality.
David and Karen
By Rallye
That was the 1st time i wanted to assist to it.I am so sorry for all the good job you did (do).
Thanks for all and take care.I hope to be there next year.
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By AfricanEagle
European borders were expected to open 15/5.
It now seems postponed to 15/6.

I am sorry.

Raduno 2020 is now officially cancelled.
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By skydriller
I guess it was inevitable.... :(
Heres hoping for normality next year so we can all meet up properly :)

Take care & Regards, SD..
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By johnm
Best wishes Riccardo, the bandana you kindly provided in Asiago may have a new lease of life and a new role in all this :-) I may even persuade my wife to come along to the next one too.
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By Iceman
See you next year @AfricanEagle . It’s going to be an ‘interesting’ year ahead, but we will return.

Iceman 8)
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By AfricanEagle
Raduno 2020 wasn't written in the stars.

Next Raduno will be in 2022.

It will be a 20th year Anniversary ( the 1st Raduno was held in Sabaudia 2002).

I will hopefully able to organize a special destination and something worthy to celebrate all the special friends that over the years have given me the pleasure of participating.
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By Rob P
Top tip.

Never give Iceman alcohol.

I have barely survived some of his exploits

Rob P
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By Iceman
@Rob P, I am still dangerous, but you can be my drinking pal anytime :lol: :lol:.

@AfricanEagle, now that sounds like a plan ! Hoping for an interesting 2021 with a possible return to Oshkosh, this time in the TB, so could be a busy year next year.

Iceman 8)
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