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Sorry OP, but I have to mention this due to thread drift.

When shooting you use over ear defenders because sound travels into your ear “not down the canal” and damages your hearing. (Through the side of your head)

It’s why earplugs are of little use, even though you can’t hear anything when wearing them.

I’ve always thought if a cockpit is noisy enough that I need ear defenders thingies, then I’d prefer them to be over ear, as that protects your hearing in later life.

Plenty of deaf RAF pilots around.
I am a right cheapskate but saved enough by not flying in April to try out ANR for the first time - being rather sceptical about it.

I love my (very) old DCs but for around the cost of converting them to ANR I got a seconhand pair of BOSE X and then bought new headpad, earpads and microphone spofflle.

Tried it for the first time today and it was quite amazing. I have never had the volume turned down so low on the radio or heard things more clearly. I am a convert (unlike my very old DCs).

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Started out with a secondhand set of Pooleys cheapies. Eventually went up to a pair of used DCs (Ta, Flintstone,) and then had the good fortune to buy a couple of pairs of DC ANR headsets for peanuts which I sold when I stopped flying. Bugger. I have another aeroplane and now nothing else will do. ANR it has to be.
PeteSpencer wrote:
andytk58 wrote:
So I bought these instead:

QT Halos
They're a lot fiddly to put on/ take off, but IMO its a trade off worthwhile

The OP is looking for a cheap, robust and. easy to use headset.

This offering doesn’t appear to tick any of those boxes. :wink:


True, but they aren't a huge leap from an aftermarker ANR'd set of DCs either.

Its just another option. I'd have been miffed if I'd shelled out on a budget headset and then discovered the Halo's existed.

Better to have too nany options and discard the options that won't suit.

WaxMax45 wrote:I'm not trying any in-ear ones, never liked earphones and I doubt they are comfortable to wear.

I have custom earpieces - very comfy to wear and was a previous sceptic. But obviously not the cheap as chips you are looking for :D