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The amendments are as follows:

• The words ‘[...] and where normal revalidation facilities are not available [...]’ in para 1 have been deleted. This has particular significance for AMEs who had previously claimed that the validity extension alleviation was unavailable if they were open to conduct revalidations, which was incorrect.

• Note 1 now includes a second sentence, which states ‘This exemption does not preclude the revalidation of licences, ratings or medical certificates so long as the participants do not breach legal prohibitions on non-essential activities, Government COVID-19 public health guidance, CAA guidance and they can be carried out safely.’

• The Temporary Certificate Extending Validity of Licence Privileges is now Form SRG1100F. Currently Version 1 of this form refers to ORS4 No.1374 rather than 1385 - I have brought this to the attention of the CAA.

The CAA has advised me that pilots who have already extended validities under ORS4 No.1374 do not need to resubmit anything; their licences will remain valid no matter whether ORS4 No.1374 or ORS4 No. 1385 entries have been made!
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