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By JonathanB
Here are the current threads regarding Coronavirus/COVID-19

Main discussions:
COVID-19 and General Aviation

The following were previously stickied and in lieu of having the time to consolidate them are linked here:
AOPA guidance Ratings Extension ORS4 Nos. 1374
ORS4 No.1376 CAA extends National Licence Validity Periods. Now replaced with ORS 1378
ORS4 No1374 -Covid-19 – Outbreak: Extension of validity and other time periods for EASA licences...
ORS1374 withdrawn, ORS1385 issued (Only changes are editorial.)
[COVID-19] DfT position on GA Flying (DON'T DO IT as of 31 March 2020)
LAA Issues post-lockdown advice for aircraft owners

Additional information:
CAA guidance on engine check & maintenance flights (COVID19).
After the lockdown. Inspecting aircraft after a long lay-off from operations.
Insurance whilst grounded
On-Track Aviation Licensing Update webinar - 23rd April 2020 15:00 & 18:00
Webinars etc during lockdown
Flying Reporter Interview [with Irv Lee], trying to clear some brain haze over virus driven exemptions

CAP 1913 CAA Plain English Guide to Licence, Rating & Medical exemptions

GASCO Return to Flight information and advice (13 May)
CAA issues advice and guidance on return to flying (13 May)
(CAP1925) COVID 19 – Preparing to Return to Normal Flying Operations for General Aviation Private Pilots (20 May)
(CAP1924) COVID 19 – Preparing to Return to Normal Flying Operations for General Aviation Pilot Training Organisations (‘Flying Clubs and Schools') (20 May)

(EASA) Coronavirus Guide for Disinfection of General Aviation Aircraft

Misc & Fun stuff
How long will it take CAT to recover after Covid 19?
Interesting things on FR24
Covid19 - Lockdown Entertainment (not serious thread!)
Forum Fantasy Stock Exchange (Coronanomics - The Game)
Lockdown Larder
What non aviation YT channels have we found during the lockdown?
DIY Haircuts...
Army Flying Museum "Lockdown Lectures"
COVID-19 - use your computer to help scientists understand viral proteins