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By PeteSpencer
Perranporth airfield has Blue Hills Campsite right next door (Adjoins airfield perimeter IIRC) Proprietor will come and get you and your stuff.

The cliff top walk (turn left) to St Agnes - Pubs & restaurants and nice beach- is mind blowing as is (turn right) the clifftop walk to Perranporth, especially if it is so foggy you can only hear the sea way below. but not see it.

Edit PS
No 1 son and I did just what OP is planning at this campsite a few summers ago in the Arrow .A bit cosy in his 2 man tent , but up with the lark for coastal walks With the welcome option of a short taxi ride back after a heavy day
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By Ridders
Certainly our airfield has had people camp under the wing, in the past. The new toilets at the other side of my hangar are rather plush

I would drop the owners an email and ask what’s possible

Scroll down to new hangars for toilet facilities ... ic/gallery