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By Jim Jones
ArchaicRider wrote:I'm glad she's now Ok and why on earth did no-one do anything?


I was wondering what would happen if it was the Queen?
By Colonel Panic
Not at all. Mind you, when you've got the shakes perhaps being given a glass of water isn't conducive to not spilling anything anyway. :( (Says me, who has very shaky hands at the best of times :oops: )
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By skydriller
Colonel Panic wrote: Hopefully just a case of dehydration, but time will tell.

For the avoidance of doubt: Dehydration is serious. Ive seen colleagues go to hospital with dehydration in the ME, and that wasnt necessarily in the day during the summer - Im sure FD can confirm this.

Regards, SD..
By avtur3
Reported again today, very disturbing to look at and I'm sure not pleasant for her. Though the lady claims to be 'very well' and 'there's no need to worry'. Very strange.
By Bill Haddow
avtur3 wrote:Though the lady claims .. . 'there's no need to worry'.

While I mean her no harm, as far as I'm concerned she's pushing at an open door there.

Bill H
By johnm
The Daily Express...…. Really!!!

The Bundestag has certainly produced a report on behalf of the Left Party, Poland looks like jumping on the bandwagon too......
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By Sooty25
johnm wrote:The Daily Express...…. Really!!!

It popped up on Google News Feed. Calvin and Hobbes was the only thing that ever drew me to the Express!
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