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By gaznav
I went flying this morning, what a beautiful day! However, I also reflected on how very lucky we are with civil light aviation and the efforts of the Light Aviation Association (LAA) and Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) often go past without a cheery mention. I wanted to publicly say thank you for giving me the chance to fly this with what I would call highly proportionate regulation:


To be able to do this without any need to file a flight plan, get permission from someone or pay anything extra:


Finally, to be able to enjoy a view like this for £55/hr within our syndicate.


When I compare this to other over-bearing regulatory systems (even within the UK) then this really is something special and without all those, that tirelessly work in the CAA and LAA, then it just wouldn’t be possible.

In the past 20 years I have now got:

1. An EASA lifetime licence.
2. The ability to renew the rating with an examiner, flying instructor or a class rating instructor (every 2 years - which I would say is proportionate).
3. The ability to have a Class 1, Class 2, LAPL or even self-declared medical.

When coupled to a network of unlicensed airfields that charge very little for their use, then I really do think we have some exceptional freedom that I am very grateful for. Long may it continue.

Thank you :thumright:
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By Kittyhawk
You are right. It is a freedom we have which we should never take for granted. I flew yesterday. Got to the strip, grass newly mown, out with the aircraft, up and away into perfect weather. Down the Severn and over Bath to Compton Abbas for lunch in the sunshine. Then down to Portland and along the Dorset coast, over Lyme Regis and up to Taunton, then a transit through Bristol and up over the Severn Bridges to head back to Croft Farm. It doesn't get much better than that.
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By gaznav
JAFO wrote:
Katamarino wrote:"We keep flying despite the efforts of the CAA, not because of.

Not sure that's entirely fair.

Yes, I agree, in recent times some significant developments have made things better for quite a few people - flying training from unlicensed airfields, help with purchase of 8.33 radios, self declared medicals, pushing back against ATOs and helping to get DTOs, etc...etc...

PS. Yes, apologies BMAA and BGA too, I missed them out.
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By cockney steve
mystified as to why one should feel privileged to be able to pay a membership fee, to a members' organisation which conducts the business of the organisation. :?

I do concur with the sentiment that a debt of gratitude is owed to those officials who work voluntarily or , effectively , subsidise their position.
By Chris Martyr
cockney steve wrote:mystified as to why one should feel privileged to be able to pay a membership fee, to a members' organisation which conducts the business of the organisation. :?

Yes but Steve , you can operate your PtF aeroplane and still have its administration carried out by the CAA . But mate,,,you really don't want to do that . Just take a look at their tarriff of charges for sending a surveyor round to evaluate your PtF renewal , then compare it to having the same process carried out via the LAA system .

It DOES make sense . :D

Plus , the LAA guy knows what he's looking at !.... :thumright:
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TheFarmer wrote:I have nothing but disdain for the CAA.

That's a shame. If it wasn't for several of the measures @gaznav mentioned, I wouldn't still be flying so I am very grateful for a good deal of the work done by the CAA as well as other bodies such as the LAA and AOPA.
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By PaulSS
Both of those fine looking aircraft ruined with unnecessary huge registration markings on their sides and underneath the left wing. I just amazes me how other (more enlightened) organisations can get away without such ludicrous requirements. Yay, we're living in the 1950s :roll:

(Please no lectures on the bolleaux of how one can judge the height of an aircraft due to the excellence of the CAA's lettering requirements........especially given Gaznav's ADSB output)
By patowalker
5.2 Heavier-than-air aircraft
5.2.1 Wings. The height of the marks on the wings of heavier-than-air aircraft shall be at least 50 centimetres.
5.2.2 Fuselage (or equivalent structure) and vertical tail surfaces. The height of the marks on the fuselage (or equivalent structure) and on the vertical tail surfaces of heavier-than-air aircraft shall be at least 30 centimetres.
5.2.3 Special cases. If a heavier-than-air aircraft does not possess parts corresponding to those mentioned in 5.2.1 and 5.2.2, or if the parts are too small to accommodate the marks described therein, the measurements of the marks shall be determined by the State of Registry, taking account of the need for the aircraft to be identified readily.

Guess which organisation?
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By gaznav
Crikey, if all we have got to moan about is registration marks, then surely these organisations are doing a great job? :lol:

PS. Aren’t registration marks set out in Schedule 4 of the ANO? So doesn’t that mean that the Dept for Transport owns it and the CAA just follow suit?
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