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Morten wrote:
Mr.Meerkat wrote:PPL skills test pass: 30th December 2018, whistles quietly
Received PPL: 7th March 2019
Start of Night rating: 5th March (after 5~ cancelled), 50mins of solo left till complete.

:lol: that deserves a special entry ;)
Well done :thumleft:
Hope you can squeeze in the night solo before the light comes back...

Whoops, forgot about this post :lol:
Anyway, I finished my night rating on the 27th March, thankfully. I think my instructor was really glad that he didn't have to show up at 8pm to begin flying...
Now planning on starting my IMC rating on the 5th August. Should be a fun rating to obtain.
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Learning at Turweston EGBT. First solo completed on Friday 24th May, followed by another couple of solo circuits on Tuesday 28th.

Significant (15kt) cross wind yesterday presented an extremely challenging session learning to keep the aeroplane on the centre line with crab angle etc, so no more solo time added.
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May I add my name to the list please?

I decided in November last year that I was going to get my PPL by the time I turned 35 on 30 April this year - which I did - with 0 days to spare! Celebrated my birthday whilst doing my skills test :shock: Spent pretty much 4 months looking at a Cessna.

On to hour building now, if the weather ever lets me up there...
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