Where have you been? What have you seen?
After departing with a huge Thunderstorm over London, encountering lots of turbulence. As the flight progresses I discuss using three moving maps together for enhanced situational awareness as Pilot in Command. The two moving maps built into the aircraft are GNS430s. I use Sky Demon on the iPad for the third.

Due to pre-flight planning, my altitude was restricted and with the weather the way it was. I was unable to comply with IFR instructions due to the known icing level at 4000ft and the likelihood of severe turbulence inside towering cumulus. The F215 charts said the clouds would out-climb FL100 (XXX)

A challenging landing into Bournemouth, on this gusty and convective March afternoon. After joining the Bournemouth CTR via Hengistbury Head, I struggle to find traffic on base leg. It’s moments like this with turbulence increasing the workload that you have some form of traffic awareness on the iPad.

Landing Runway 26, I report windshear had occurred at 200ft but elected to continue but should I have probably done the safest thing and gone-around?

Bumpy flight to Bournemouth and wind-shear on final