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As part of the June 'Daks over Normandy' commemorations the D-Day Squadron are congregating at Oxford, Connecticut (KOXC) ready to set off across the Atlantic this Sunday.

News article here-

Looks like around 6 C-47s including "That's all Brother" are their so far.

If anyone has tracking info can the post please.\

God Speed.
Today's the day the main group sets off to cross the north Atlantic.

One a/c Clipper Tabitha May, is already at Goose Bay and there's a straggler trying to catch up from the west coast.

Nevertheless, looks like half a dozen or so setting off from KOXC later today.
A taster from D-Day +70. Ten DC3s were in for the weekend. On the Sunday, there was a 25 Hercules fly-past, Black Hawks and a number of US governmental large civil jets. Para dropping was taking place on Sainte-Mère-Église all weekend. We had a flight along the Normandy beaches in a DC3 that had actually para-dropped on Sainte-Mère-Église on D-Day itself and subsequently at Arnhem. Some of the many photographs from the weekend.


Omaha Beach

Omaha Cemetery

Pointe du Hoc - between Utah and Omaha Beaches - taken by the US Rangers

Iceman 8)
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These ones should be at Goose Bay by now -

"Miss Virginia" - N47E
"Spirit of Benovia" - N8336C
"Placid Lassie" - N74589
Historic Flight Foundation's "Pan Am" - N877MG
"Virginia Ann" - N62CC
"Flabob Express" - N103NA
"Betsy's Biscuit Bomber" - N47SJ
"D-Day Doll" - N45366
"Legendary" - N25641
"That's All Brother" - N47TB

plus "Miss Montana" N24320 catching up, and of course "Clipper Tabitha May" N33611 ahead of the rest, landed in Narsarsuaq yesterday.
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